Residents run toward disaster to help neighbors after plane crash in Colonia

COLONIA, New Jersey (WABC) -- Residents in Colonia jumped into action when a plane crashed into their quiet neighborhood Tuesday morning.

The single-engine plane crashed into a home on Berkley and Princeton avenues in Colonia around 11 a.m., causing surrounding houses to burst into flames.

People were at home, going about their day, when tragedy struck.

"It's an emotional thing when you see all this, I was right there, life is precious," neighbor Jerry Bartolino said.

Lindsey Maynard was outside unloading his truck when the plane came down.

"And I heard a roar and I looked up and I saw this thing coming in, like wing up, wing down, and for a little plane he had a pretty wide wingspan, about maybe 100 feet above the house just roaring in and then boom," Maynard said.

That boom was heard and felt many blocks away. But that didn't stop neighbors from running toward the disaster to help.

"I went running down, I don't know what I thought I was going to do... by the time I got there, everything was ablaze," Maynard said.

They knocked on doors to check on neighbors to make sure they were safe.

Fortunately no one on the ground -- or in any of the homes -- was injured.

Mayor John E. McCormac announced a fundraising effort to help the families impacted by the plane crash and fire.

Woodbridge Township staff will be at the Evergreen Senior Center Wednesday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to accept donations.

Donations in the form of checks payable to the Woodbridge Community Charity Fund and gift cards from established wholesale/retail outlets will be accepted.

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