Hulu's 'This Fool,' a South Central LA comedy with a Coen Brothers spin

ByPatrick Stinson and Marcela Isaza OTRC logo
Monday, August 15, 2022
Comedian's new series on Hulu draws from life in South LA
Comedian Chris Estrada taps into his real life for Hulu's 10-episode comedy series about family, gang life, and existential dread.

As star and co-creator, comedian Chris Estrada taps into his real life for Hulu's "This Fool."

Estrada draws on elements of his stand-up comedy and his own life to play Julio Lopez, a 30-year-old who still lives at home with his mother in South Central Los Angeles, and finds any excuse to avoid dealing with his own problems.

"The way we pitched the show was like if it was 'Friday' but directed by the Coen Brothers," said Estrada.

Premiering Friday, Aug. 12, the 10-episode comedy series follows along as Julio struggles in his personal life, while working at a non-profit organization that helps to rehabilitate gang members.


This Fool

"This Fool" is an irreverent, cinematic half-hour comedy set in working class South Central Los Angeles.

The heat and the comedy get turned all the way up when the family takes in Julio's older cousin, an ex-gang member, fresh out of prison after 8 years.

"This Fool" also stars Fred Armisen, who is an executive producer on the show as well.

"This Fool" premieres August 12 on Hulu.

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