Economy Candy launches 'to-go' packs for safe shopping while social distancing

LOWER EAST SIDE (WABC) -- Economy Candy is the oldest candy store in New York City, filled with sweets from your childhood. But like many businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, Economy Candy has had to transition their entire business to be online.

Now, as New York begins phasing into it's reopening, Economy Candy has a new endeavor: 'Economy Candy To-Go'.

Every Saturday and Sunday this summer, they will be operating from a pushcart outside of their store, dubbed 'Economy Candy To-Go'. It will include $10 Mystery Sweet, Mystery Sour, and Mystery Chocolate Bags.

They have also expanded their curbside pick-up options to include same day pick up for all orders.

Almost 4 months of adapting their business during the pandemic, Economy Candy has sold over 5,000 CandyCare Packs. CandyCare Packs were created during the lockdown to spread cheer and keep their business going.

"What's been amazing to see is the 'pay it forward' nature of orders that have been coming in," said owner Mitchell Cohen. "I started recognizing names as I was printing out shipping labels and thought something had gone wrong. While looking into it I realized I was recognizing names because people who had received CandyCare Packs were ordering and sending CandyCare Packs to their friends and family and so forth."

People are not only paying it forward but that they are sending CandyCare Packs to their literal neighbors instead of a regular social visit now made impossible by social distancing measures.

"It's incredibly touching and heartwarming to see communities support each other while supporting us," said Cohen.

Want to send a CandyPack to a friend or family member? Order one today on their website and support local businesses during this difficult time.
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