'Dave' star Dave Burd shares how he landed these HUGE stars for show's season finale

Dave Burd reveals why he's been "blown away" by the response to Season 3.

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Thursday, June 1, 2023
'Dave' lands 2 major stars for epic season finale
Huge guest stars and wild storylines. Here's how Season 3 of "Dave" exceeded creator/star Dave Burd's expectations.

LOS ANGELES -- SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from the season 3 finale of "Dave."

In a season that already saw some epic cameos like Usher, Rick Ross, Jack Harlow, Don Cheadle and Rachel McAdams, the final episode of "Dave" has not one, but two major stars making appearances.

In the first few minutes, we see Brad Pitt making a cameo in a Lil Dicky music video for "Mr. McAdams." After the shoot, the two talk and Brad admits he wants to get into music!

Later, Brad arrives at Dave's house as a production assistant from the shoot and has Dave in what could be described as a "misery-inspired" situation. The insanity that breaks out has to be seen to be believed!

In the episode's final moments, the culmination of Dave's quest for love, Dave has a key realization: He needs to love himself first. In the final moments, he travels to West Africa where he meets up with Drake to record music.

We spoke with Lil Dicky himself (Dave Burd) about the finale and just how the team got Brad and Drake to say yes.

"It speaks to the greatness of the show ... they love the show. Brad, Rachel, Drake, they all watch the show, they are massive fans of the show, and that's the best way it can be," Burd told On The Red Carpet.

"I didn't meet Brad or Rachel until I started filming with them. Drake I had met. He called the show one of the most important shows of our generation. So Drake had already given me that feeling to where I could reach out to him and he'd probably be interested, but you never know, it's Drake!"

Critics and audiences have been loving this season of "Dave" and Burd couldn't be happier.

"I feel like every episode was the best version of what it could be down to the very end, and I do feel kind of blown away by the product that is season 3," Burd said.

"I think the show can sometimes be a little overlooked, to be honest, and I think when people like Brad Pitt, who's the absolute top of cinema and filmmaking and he's on our set and taking direction from me and trusting me the same way he trusts like the Coen Brothers or Tarantino, it's like fully validating for the show."

You can watch all seasons of "Dave" on Hulu.

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