Mom thankful for Good Samaritan after toddler son left at park during day care field trip

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- A New Jersey mom is thankful for a Good Samaritan who helped make sure her young son was OK after he was left behind during a day care field trip.

Lynda Deshommes said she dropped off her son, 18-month-old Nathaniel, at First Adventure Day Care Center Friday.

The children were taken to West Side Park in Newark. But when they all left to go back to the day care, they left the toddler behind.

Deshommes said she panicked after getting a call while at work that her son had been found after two day care workers left him at the park.

Jennifer Ewens was in the park that day with her daughter and nephew. As she watched the kids go down a slide, Nathaniel grabbed onto her leg and wouldn't let go.

Once she realized the boy had been left alone, she tried to comfort him while keeping tabs on her own kids.

A day care worker came back to get Nathaniel, but didn't' know the boy's name. So Ewens' motherly instincts kicked in and she refused to let the boy go until police arrived to clear up the mess.

Nathaniel's mother said she appreciates everything Ewens did for her child and is now looking for a new day care center for her son.
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