Coronavirus Update: Teachers cope with different vaccine mandates in Tri-State area

Coronavirus update

Friday, August 20, 2021
Tri-State teachers cope with different vax mandates
There are different rules when it comes to COVID vaccinations and mandates for teachers in different parts of the Tri-State.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- There are different rules when it comes to COVID vaccinations and mandates for teachers in different parts of the Tri-State.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is considering a vaccine mandate.

Connecticut is past consideration, they're doing it.

But so far, there is no such requirement in New York.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says one thing is clear, remote learning won't be an option. He cited a study that said students had the same risk of catching COVID at home as they did in class.

That was of course before the delta variant which has wreaked havoc in classrooms down south, where fewer people are vaccinated and masking is not always required.

Masking will be required in New York.

"We found that our kids were safest in school. We have the gold standard of health and safety measures. It worked unbelievably well. It is proven. It is documented," Mayor de Blasio said.

He also announced that public school athletes must be vaccinated to participate in high-risk sports this fall.

Meanwhile, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced all state employees working in hospitals and nursing home must get vaccinated.

Now he says the same goes for other state employees and teachers, with one difference, teachers can opt out of the vaccine if they agree to get tested weekly.

"If you are not confident yet, you can test out. Go use one of our testing facilities on a weekly bases and show you've been tested. That's a lousy solution. The best solution is for everybody to get vaccinated," Lamont said.

Governor Murphy is also considering a vaccine mandate for teachers in New Jersey.

The plan has not been finalized and it's unclear if teachers will be able to get a weekly COVID test in lieu of getting vaccinated.

Governor Murphy says residents can expect that announcement in the coming weeks.

Teachers' unions are already alerting their members about the planned change in policy.

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