Dina Lohan loses license for 1 year in Long Island DWI case

LONG ISLAND (WABC) -- Lindsay Lohan's mother was sentenced to community service she's already served and will lose her license for one year after reaching a plea deal for drunk driving and speeding charges on Long Island.

Dina Lohan was pulled over on the Northern State Parkway last September, driving with a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit.

The 50-year-old Lohan pleaded guilty to aggravated DWI and speeding in April. She will also have to complete a drunk driving program by the fall and will have an ignition device installed in her car. She has already completed 100 hours of community service.

Her attorney initially argued that the media was to blame for the incident. Reading from a report he said was written by a court appointed evaluator, attorney Mark Jay Heller cited stress as the reason for the incident.

"The circumstances leading to Dina's arrest were largely impacted by ongoing daily stresses caused by you folks, the paparazzi, media attention and distorted tabloid character profiles," Heller read from the report. "After meeting Dina and her family and witnessing the care, compassion and concern shared between family members, it is my hope that the courts will take the circumstances and challenges of Dina's lifestyle under consideration in prosecuting this case."

After reaching the plea deal, she vowed to never return to a courtroom.

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