Donald Trump's childhood home in Queens to hit the auction block

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Thursday, October 20, 2016
Trump house going on auction block
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Darla Miles reports Donald Trump's childhood home in Queens went on the auction block.

JAMAICA ESTATES, Queens (WABC) -- The people trying to sell the charming, Tudor-style home in a leafy section of Queens cancelled their plan Wednesday to auction it off on the same night Trump was to face Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate.

Paramount Realty USA, which had arranged the auction at a Manhattan hotel, said it may try again after the election.

"Because the auction was getting so much press coverage a lot of bidders were contacting the firm to ask for more time to look at the property," said Stina Dakers, a spokeswoman for Paramount, which coordinated the auction along with listing broker Leffey Real Estate.

Decades before he began his business empire and started his presidential campaign, Donald Trump spent his early childhood years in this relatively modest house in Queens.

"When I moved to this house, I put this flag in," said Isaac Kestenberg, the homeowner.

The American flag out front and the auction scheduled on the same day as presidential debate number three are just a coincidence.

85-15 Wareham Place will be up for auction apparently after the election. The opening bid was set for $849,000.

It's been Kestenberg's Jamaica, Queens, address for the last eight years.

It's the same address listed on the birth certificate of Donald Trump.

"You didn't know Donald Trump lived here? Eyewitness News Reporter Darla Miles asked.

"No, no, I found out when I bought the house from the neighbors here. There was this lady Mary, an old lady, and she told me that Donald Trump was living here and that she was his childhood friend," Kestenberg said.

It's a five-bedroom Tudor with a fireplace and original hardwood floors. It has a finished basement.

This room is believed to have been Trump's as a little boy.

"Since Trump won the nomination are you getting a lot of people coming here?" Miles asked.

"Every day, every day, between tourists, people from everywhere come to take a picture with the kids," Kestenberg said.

The Trump family lived here until Donald was 4 years old. Then, they build a new bigger home on the lot right behind this house."

"Everybody came and said its Donald Trump you should take this you should do that, but I believe that the auction will bring the right price," Kestenberg said.

So Kestenberg is being smart about both marketing his house and his political views.

"I don't say anything about politics, that's my private opinion," Kestenberg said.

Auction firm Paramount Realty USA will start the bidding at $849,000.

Over the summer, the house was listed on the market for $1.6 million, and later reduced to $1.39 million.

The home is ultimately expected to sell for over $1 million.

(Some information from the Associated Press)