Father caught on tape urging young son to fight another child on Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (WABC) -- New York police are looking for the father caught on camera urging his young son to hit another little boy, several times.

On a cell phone recording posted on Facebook, a man can be heard in the background encouraging two young boys to fight. Allegedly, it's the dad of one of the kids.

The city Department of Education also said it plans to take action. According to the department, the incident occurred two weeks ago on the perimeter of the school after hours. There were no reported injuries and the office is working to remove the video from Facebook.

"We take this matter very seriously and continue to work closely with the school community as the principal investigates this matter," said a statement from the office. "The principal has met the student and his parent and there will be swift and appropriate disciplinary action."

It's unclear who posted the brawl, but it went viral, prompting police to investigate. New York City Police Department authorities spent Thursday at Alice Austen Elementary School on Staten Island.

Police said the fight was May 14 and that officers are questioning everyone involved. So far no one's been charged.

The video is upsetting parents and others in this community who say bullying should never be encouraged.

"If you see the video, the boy didn't want to fight. The father's forcing him to," said Luis Ramos, a parent who lives in the community.

Some parents said they're upset they didn't get a letter from the principal about the incident.

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