Hempstead parents complain of being kept in dark on school budget

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Kristin Thorne is live in Hempstead with the latest details.

There is growing frustration at a troubled Long Island school district.

Parents are upset they have been kept in the dark about the Hempstead school budget. Hempstead has been dealing with overcrowding issues.

Hempstead School board president LaMont Johnson said he was holding a press conference Thursday to discuss the school district's budget for next year and it's implications.

When we got there - this is all he wanted to say regarding specifics.

"You have to come May 10th if you want to see the full budget and to see if there is any cuts," said Johnson.

A report online shows that the school board has already approved a budget which will cut more than $766,000.

Line items showing reductions include curriculum development and supervision and student transportation.

"They're very vague about everything. We got letters sent home. But nobody says anything or really tells us anything," said parent Rhiny Cruz.

"We are doing our best to have the academics reach the high levels that the taxes are. Until that time we don't feel comfortable that we should raise the budget," said Johnson.

The Hempstead School District has faced a number of serious issues this school year including refusing to accept hundreds of undocumented students and violence in the schools against teachers.

"All the numbers that this community is receiving from the district have to be questioned. We are receiving so much misinformation in regards to the budget in regard to admissions and how many students are coming," said Hempstad resident Melissa Figueroa.

Taxpayers and parents want specifics. So did we.

"Why would you consider cutting teachers and curriculum?," we asked, but Johnson walked away.

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