Girl band Prettiots looks to hit it big with help from social media

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Justin Beiber showed it could be done, that a kid from Canada could make videos at home, post them on YouTube and go from total obscurity to worldwide fame 50 million hits later. And as you might expect, his journey has inspired many others.

And one all-girl band is looking to follow in the Bieb's footsteps, and they're called the Prettiots.

"We're all three girls, we're all from New York, we're all pretty young and we're just singing 100 percent honestly about the things that we know," Kay Goldberg said.

Kay Goldberg is the lead singer of the trio that includes friends Rachel Trachtenburg on the drums and Lulu Prat, who plays bass. We caught up with them at the Cake Factory in Greenwich Village, a traditional stop for bands like theirs looking to break out.

"I just want us to get out there," Goldberg said. "I want people to know what we sound like and what we look like and what we're all about."

But with so many bands already out there, the Prettiots must seek a higher profile online.

"The more people who look at it, the more it builds," Trachtenburg said.

Since Bieber broke out, social media has only grown in importance.

"You have to have the Twitter and the Pinterest and the Instagram and Facebook, and all of that," Trachtenburg said. "And if you don't, you basically don't exist."

"I feel like 20 years ago, you would walk down Ludlow and listen to all the bars to hear music," Prat added. "And now you go on Instagram, or Facebook."

All of this has put a premium on a band's image, so how the musicians look can be more important than how they sound.

"In a perfect world, it would be mostly music," Goldberg said. "But I'd say it was mostly image at this point. You know, what we wear, what our logo is and what our website is. And our social media presence and stuff like that is like 80 percent of it."

Luckily, the Prettiots manage to score on both counts.

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