Exclusive: Police conduct raid on wrong home in Queens

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Jim Dolan reports exclusively on a police raid of the wrong home.

In an Eyewitness News exclusive, a couple in Queens found their front door broken down and rooms in the home ransacked.

But the perpetrators were New York City police looking for guns, who went to the wrong house.

What's left of the plaster and the door frame of Sean Williams' home went flying when police broke the door down Tuesday afternoon looking for guns and members of a suspected prostitution ring.

Williams, who works nights, was sleeping.

"Three or four or six police came through the door with guns pointed at me," Williams told Eyewitness News Tuesday night. "They handcuffed me and made me stay on the bed while they looked through my bedroom."

Police ransacked the apartment but found nothing. Williams, afraid to talk, finally said there was nothing to find. One officer asked him if he drove a black Cadillac.

"That's the neighbor," Williams told him. "The officer said 'Oh, no. We have the wrong apartment.'"

They did. Police later entered the home of the neighbor and arrested two people, and seized heroin, a gun, and cash from that home. No one has yet been charged.

Police apologized to Williams and his wife, who was not home when they broke in, and offered to pay for the damage to two doors in the home.

Williams, a big fan of police shows on TV, said he's glad he obeyed the police and did exactly what they said., because he knows the story might be much different. "To be honest, until now, I'm still traumatized. I don't know what to think," he said.
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