Extra Time: Boeing woes; Mayor Adams' State of the City address

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Thursday, January 25, 2024
Extra Time: Boeing woes; Mayor Adams' State of the City address
In this edition of Eyewitness News Extra Time, an aviation expert helps analyze what to make of the recent troubles surrounding Boeing, and we unpack Mayor Adams' State of the City address.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Boeing is once again experiencing a bumpy ride this week.

The CEO of the aerospace titan attempted damage control on Capitol Hill Wednesday, meeting with lawmakers as safety concerns soar.

This comes after Alaska Airlines reported finding "many" loose bolts in its 737 Max 9 fleet.

It was a brand new Alaska Max 9 that experienced a near catastrophe on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California when a door plug blew out as the plane climbed to its cruise altitude.

With all Max 9s grounded, Wednesday was the Boeing CEO's first trip to the Hill since the incident.

ABC News' Em Nguyen joined Extra Time from Washington, D.C. to detail how it all went.

Also joining the show is Captain Ross Aimer, a former captain on United Airlines who's top rated on pretty much every type of commercial airplane, including the 737.

Race for the White House

The last time Republicans held an open primary, there were still 12 candidates coming out of New Hampshire.

Going into the Granite State's primary on Tuesday, there were just two: Donald Trump and Nikki Haley.

By the time the night was over, the former president had decisively won.

So, with victories in New Hampshire and Iowa now under his belt, at the moment it looks likely he'll win the nomination and head to a rematch with President Biden in the general election.

However, Haley vows to keep fighting to win the next primary that is set to take place next month in her home state of South Carolina, where Trump's already won the endorsements of both senators and the congressional delegation.

Prof. Alain Sanders at St. Peter's University joins us to talk about the race to the White House

Mayor Adams outlines goals in State of the City address

New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivered his State of the City address Wednesday, announcing the Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan has declared social media a public health threat.

In addition to promising a heavy focus on driving down crime and building up affordable housing, Adams declared social media a threat to teen health and called on state and federal lawmakers to do more to curb some allegedly predatory practices of certain social media companies.

Eyewitness News reporter N.J. Burkett was in attendance and spoke to several people who had thoughts on the state of the city.

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