Celebrity 'Facialist to the Stars' helps Glam Lab get Red Carpet ready

ByJohanna Trupp & Emily Sowa Localish logo
Friday, February 7, 2020
The facial ALL the celebs want for the Oscars
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This is how celebrities get red carpet ready!

How do Oscar nominees get ready-carpet ready? Their day starts with a facial from Gavin McLeod-Valentine.

He's been named 'The Facialist to The Stars' and he opens up to Glam Lab about his secret ingredient and what it's like prepping the biggest movie stars for Hollywood's biggest night.

Right before they go into hair and makeup, celebs fight for the slot with this facialist for a glow that is out of this world before they hit the red carpet.

He's worked with everyone from Barbara Streisand to Kim Kardashian. TBH his list of A-list celeb clients is longer than the Oscars ceremony.

Last year he gave Olivia Coleman her award-winning glow and he's been prepping Laura Dern on her road to the gold all season.

Before he heads out to LA, he met up with Glam Lab to show us how he works his magic!

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