Coronavirus News: 2 dads use improv to help kids have fun during pandemic

BEACON, New York (WABC) -- Two dads more than 1,000 miles apart are finding that improv is helping their families live in the present.

"World's worst pizza maker, toss it, leave it up there for a while," said Eric Saiet, as he plays a game with his family.

When you spend time with Saiet and his family, your pandemic stress may subside.

"A little fun improv game to do with your kids if you're shut-in," he said.

Saiet is a screenwriter who also teaches acting and improv to kids at Compass Arts in Beacon, New York.

He thought improv could play a role right now.

"Parents have a lot right now, juggling working from home, doing a million things, and trying to stay connected to their children. Improv is a great life skill for that," Saiet said.

1,300 miles south of Beacon, in Bradenton, Florida, another dad is also posting videos with his kids.

"We're going to talk about laugh with," said Steve Shenbaun, of Game On. "And we've got food."

Shenbaum uses improv to teach leadership to pro athletes and CEOs, but these small talk videos are for all ages.

"Look, there's no script here, my kids are flawed, I'm flawed, it's not going to be perfect and that's okay not to be perfect, yeah for sure," Shenbaum said.

It turns out Shenbaum and Saiet were best friends and Northwestern University.

Neither knew the other had started posting these videos until their college friends told them.

These old friends know the power of laughter.

"Our world has been turned upside down, it's gritty, raw, it's tough, let's do this together," he said.

"The art of improvisation is being present and agreeing to what your reality is," Saiet said.

Our current reality certainly requires us all to improvise.


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