New Yorker Tracy Campoli uses YouTube to launch business

MURRAY HILL, Manhattan (WABC) -- Lifestyle and wellness coach Tracy Campoli launched a successful business and she credits it to social media.

"I have a multi-six figure business that was all created by social media," Campoli said.

But success didn't come overnight. Campoli started as a dancer. With her desire to help people, she transitioned to a Pilates instructor and eventually opened her own studio in Manhattan.

She knew that she wanted her message to reach many more women. That's when she started her website and began posting videos on YouTube.

It was 2010 and YouTube was still fairly new. She created a YouTube channel. Her lucky break came with her second video post, a workout for arms. That video garnered more than 250,000 views. She realized it was a way for her to expand the number of people she could help beyond her studio.

"I didn't want to be confined to what I could do in a pilates studio," Campoli said. "I want to make a bigger difference for people."

She realized the video-sharing platform could help her reach women looking for help outside of the Big Apple.

But what was it about her video that really connected to people? Campoli said, "It wasn't a perfect video" and that made her relateable to people. Besides she said, with a smile, "who doesn't want tight, toned arms?"

Inspiring stories from other people who used social media to launch their careers

She said YouTube really helped her to connect with people.

"I'm not trying to make a quick buck off of YouTube," Campoli said. "It's all about connection."

YouTube has helped people find her and through those connections, she was able to build her website and clientele.

She also gets some of her income from product endorsements. But she said 90 percent of the offers she gets, she declines.

"It has to be something I would actually use. More often than not I say no. I don't want my channel to be an advertising channel. I have to really believe in the product," she explained.

"Social media, it's been everything," Campoli noted. "The fact that I work with clients on a global level, in fact, many tell me they found me on YouTube."

A key part of her success on social media, Campoli explains, is her willingness to be genuine and open about her work and her personal life.

"Social media is amazing because people are really letting you into their life," she added. "I started being a little bit more vulnerable and sharing some of the problems I've gone through... It makes a big difference because it shows people you're real and you're just like them."

Her advice to those who are trying to launch their careers on YouTube? Campoli said you really need to know what you want to do. Ask yourself, "What's the message? Why would someone care to watch?"

Also be consistent.

"Give people a reason to come back. Do it with a series. A theme for the month," the SUNY Purchase grad said. "Challenges are really a good way to engage... You want people to participate in the journey. That's really cool."

Future Goals

Currently, Campoli continues to upload weekly videos -- something she's done since 2013 -- to her channel, which boasts over 134,000 subscribers and also has a membership service on her website.

"I want to make a difference for at least a million women," she said. "I do not know what that looks like, but really have a million women be like, this has changed my life."

Campoli imparts four tenets of her lifestyle to her followers: attention, nutrition, fitness and mindset. She hopes to continue to grow her following and engage in more live events in New York and around the world.

"It's because of social media...that I'm able to reach people all over," Campoli said. "That's huge and I'm just super grateful."

Tracy's 7 Things for a Healthy 2018

1) Have a vision
2) Why-power - Why do you want this?
3) Create some stillness in you daily routine
4) Action - consistent daily workouts
5) Go green - incorporate vegetables in every meal of the day
6) Get your sweat on
7) Community - trainer/friend(s) help with accountability

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