Pizza with sophisticated toppings in the West Village

WEST VILLAGE (WABC) -- Pizza is a crowd pleaser and this week in Neighborhood Eats it steps up its game with a sophisticated option.

And we're talking about the toppings, from truffle oil, honey, to Brussel sprouts, to pumpkin.

The owners of this pizza restaurant enjoy creating interesting combinations for gourmet palates.

Pizzetteria Brunetti is located at 626 Hudson Street in the West Village.

"My father and I always made pizza at home, you know Sunday nights," said Michael Brunetti, of Pizzetteria Brunetti.

The Sunday night pizza past time turned into an adult passion for Michael Brunetti.

He learned how to make Neapolitan pizza in Naples and tried to lure his son into business.

"I was running a car dealership in Naples, Florida not Naples, Italy, Naples, Florida!" he said.

But Jason Brunetti trusted his father and together they opened Pizzetteria Brunetti first in Westhampton and now the West Village. It's home to Bella the oven, built by experts from Italy.

"I carried 13,000 pounds of material in, and then Stephano and Enzo in seven days actually constructed Bella," Jason said.

Pizzas cook in just two minutes. There are three kinds of dough; gluten free, regular and whole wheat.

For his whole wheat version, Jason dissolves sea salt and sugar in warm water, and then he adds dry yeast, and slowly mixes it with whole wheat flour.

It rises overnight, before its kneaded this one gets a topping of honey, truffle oil, goat cheese, caramelized onions and shiitake mushrooms with olive oil along the rim.

Other toppings include Brussel sprouts, meatballs, carbonara, vongole, and sure there are other food options but Bella will undoubtedly lure you in.

"The crust is amazing, it has the right combination of everything," a customer said.

"I love the char on the crust. I love what Bella does to the toppings. Bella, as in the oven, best member of the Brunetti family of course," another customer said.

And one that's has helped keep a family tradition of pizza making going.

"We've established our relationship through pizza. It's the truth, it happened for us," Jason said.

"When I look at my son and see what he's doing here, I'm so proud," Michael said.

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Pizzetteria Brunetti Whole Wheat dough recipe (makes two pizzas)

330 grams whole wheat flour
10 grams dry yeast
15 grams sea salt
10 grams sugar
1 cup H2O (should be warm, around 80-90 degrees. Do not use hot water)

1. Put salt and sugar in mixing bowl

2. Add H2O and mix well until salt and sugar is dissolved

3. Stir in yeast

4. Add flour

5. Turn kitchen mixer to 5 and run for 8 minutes

6. Roll dough into ball place in bowl and cover with plastic wrap well so that no gas can escape during fermentation let rest in room temperature (preferably 80deg) overnight

7. Preheat oven to 500 degrees

8. Open dough place on cooking pan and pre-cook pizza for 6 minutes at 500 degrees

9. Build pizza (sauce, basil, mozzarella or your favorite toppings) place back in oven for 6 min to finish baking

10. Remove pizza tray from oven, using pizza cutter cut into 4, 6 or 8 slices

10. Eat and enjoy

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