Hollywood Museum in Iconic Max Factor building to reopen soon

ByKarl Schmid via Localish logo
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Housed in the famous Max Factor Makeup building in Hollywood, the Hollywood Museum is a treasure trove of iconic Hollywood memorabilia and history.

HOLLYWOOD -- Its been the Hollywood Museum for almost 20 years, but before that it was the home of the makeup for makeup artists the Max Factor Studios Hollywood, and after a year of being closed due to Covid-19, it is set to reopen its doors and welcome the public back in August.

Designed by famed architect S Charles Lee in the 1903s the building became the home of legendary make-up artists to the stars, Max Factor.

"This is where all the movie stars came and got their looks before there was such a thing as a makeup," President and Founder Donelle Dadigan of the Hollywood Museum told Localish. "It all happened here in these world famous make up rooms."

"Marilyn Monroe became a blonde in our blondes only room," she added.

In 2003, facing demolition, Dadigan purchased the iconic building and transformed it into one of the largest collections of Hollywood memorabilia in the world.

It has since become a place where the story of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and how it has grown, is told.

The museum houses some of Hollywood's most iconic treasures including the original and complete underground prison set from the Oscar winning 1991 thriller, Silence of the Lambs.

"When we've had Anthony Hopkins visit with us, he told us it was so realistic it was even more scary than when it was on the set because he said when he looked up he knew he was underground, just like in the movie," Dadigan said.

With over 10,000 pieces of memorabilia coupled with the history of the building, The Hollywood Museum is excited to once again visitors this summer after a long closure.

"Culturally its not just about films and costumes, but culturally its about who is this building named after and what made this building so famous and of course its Max Factor Hollywood's make up king," said Dadigan

For more information visit http://thehollywoodmuseum.com/about/our-history-vision/