EXCLUSIVE: Worker attacked at Bronx homeless shelter speaks out

SOUTH BRONX (WABC) -- The woman attacked by a worker at a homeless shelter is talking exclusively with Eyewitness News.

That worker at the facility in the Bronx was arrested after she surrendered to police.

And police believe a second person was involved.

"She's screaming and yelling, oh, I'm going to call my brothers, I'm going to call everybody. She actually called people," said the victim of the attack.

Street justice was allegedly ordered by Thira Washington, now charged with assault.

"They explained it to us that that's their family, and from there on the brother swings, the mother, cousins they jump on me, pulling my hair. They punched my face, my forehead," she said.

The 29-year old mother is still afraid her other attackers may track her down, so we're concealing her identity.

Her family had been living at Freeman Family Residences, a city-run homeless shelter in the Crotona Park East section of the Bronx.

The week before Thanksgiving, she said she first called the super about a problem with the electricity.

When it wasn't addressed, she then called 311.

"I took it upon myself to call 311," she said. "That Friday, they told us we would have to leave because I called 311."

Video was shot last Tuesday, the day the victim tried to retrieve her belongings, and the day of the assault. A different city employee is seen yelling from the security booth.

"I called the police, the police came, they walked me upstairs, five minutes so I could grab enough stuff for my son to go to school. They said no," said the victim.

Desperate, the young mother said she asked the women, what if this was you and your son?

She said the response was, "You calling out my son's name? Now we got a problem. (expletive) that! Let them record me. Let them record me now. You calling out my son's name? Now we're going to have a problem because I will be professional. You calling out my son's name? You don't (expletive) know! You calling out my son's name? Be ready for the consequences, be ready for the consequences!"

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