Should hoverboards be legal in New York City?

NEW YORK (WABC) -- In New York City, it is illegal to use a hoverboard, or an electric unicycle, but there's now a small movement to make them legal. Hoverboard advocates say it is now time for the law to catch up to technology.

"Listen, hoverboards, electric unicycles, they're not cars, they're not pickup trucks, they're not motorcycles. So why are we treating them like such? Doesn't make sense," says Senator Jose Peralta, "And that's why we want to make sure that if you can buy them in New York, you can legally use them in New York.

There have been all kinds of problems with new devices. In Lacey, New Jersey, a hoverboard being charged on Sunday caught on fire, and badly damaged a home. In Bergenfield on Sunday, a broken hoverboard wire ignited a small fire. Also, in Houston on Monday, there was a small explosion and fire in a mall when someone tried to charge a broken hoverboard.

When asked about changing the law to make hoverboards legal in New York City, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton scoffed at the idea. He said that it is his understanding that city council is developing a leg proposal that he he'd be involved in reviewing and contributing to, saying anyone who buys 'one of those things' is 'out of their mind'.

"We live in an extraordinarily crowded city. We have a rough enough time walking down the streets, let alone hovering down the streets," Commissioner Bratton adds.
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