There's a proposal to build the world's largest Costco in California

ByNico Payne KABC logo
Sunday, July 30, 2023
Fresno proposes to build world's largest Costco
A proposal to build the largest Costco in the world in northwest Fresno is waiting to be finalized.

FRESNO, Calif. -- A proposal to build the largest Costco in the world in northwest Fresno is waiting to be finalized.

The wholesale retailer submitted an environmental impact report to the city last week for the 241,000-square-foot project.

The average size of a typical Costco warehouse sits around 146,000 feet. This giant Costco would be similar in size to a store in Salt Lake City that just opened.

The new proposed site in Fresno would top that Utah store by 6,000 square feet. It would be approximately the size of more than four football fields.

The site would double as a store and e-commerce fulfillment center. Neighbors call the project too massive for the area.

"Costco member through and through, absolutely love it. The location, I'm not exactly thrilled about," said Kati Pitts, Fresno resident.

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She fears this project will cause a safety and traffic nightmare.

"A lot of these kids are walking home from school down Riverside. We have Rio Vista, the middle school. We have River Bluff Elementary School, and you know kids are walking through," explained Pitts.

Back at the old Costco on Shaw and 99, customers say they welcome the brand-new store.

"We like it, we like something bigger you know, when we get bigger, we get more business and more items you can choose," said Borhan Saleh, Fresno resident.

In addition to the store and e-commerce fulfillment center, the project calls for 32 gas pumps and a drive-through car wash.

"I like everything in Costco, everything, everything here. I shop for my business, for my home, everything is here," added Saleh.

The public is now able to view this proposal online, and they are able to voice their opinion or concerns through August 25.