Long Island's Lindenhurst Diner conducts business as usual while adapting to the new normal

LINDENHURST, New York -- Long Islander Peter Glykos, who owns the Lindenhurst Diner, closed his doors and made adjustments even before restaurants were required to close from the coronavirus pandemic.

He wanted to get ahead and make sure that all his staff members were safe. It was important to him that he got ahead of the pandemic so his business can continue to thrive in the community.

"This business as soon as you fall behind it is very hard and very tough to catch up," said Glykos. "That's like the biggest fear I have for everybody in small business. My heart goes out to everybody; I am in it with them. That's the toughest part is going to be getting through this."

How Glykos has been adjusting to the social distancing measures is by having a limited amount of employees during each shift and have them working at separate stations.

Fortunately, Glykos has not had to let anyone go from his staff, so all employees continue to work. He is proud that his staff members have adapted to the new stations in such a timely matter to make these adjustments during this time.

"If you can look at the positives and take it a day at a time, that's the only way because we are all in this together," said Glykos. "We are all healthy thank God, everyone in the family, friends, all of our customers that I know have been healthy. That is the most important thing; just trying to stay healthy and everything else will come with time."

The Lindenhurst Diner is open for curbside, pick up or delivery during this time.

Glykos hopes that the diner can open back up for customers as soon as it is safe and is looking forward to the day when his community can come back to dine in at his restaurant.


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