Nonprofit gives $1k to surprise someone in need

A nonprofit is helping teens help others during COVID-19.

The VING Project is giving out $1,000 checks to teens to donate to someone who needs a boost.

"We really reached out to teens and said, 'You be the eyes and ears and you tell us the great people in your life that are doing all good things, trying to make, you know, ends meet and could use a boost of $1,000,'" said Liz Lefkofsky, founder of The VING Project.

Liz and Eric Lefkofsky launched the national movement six years ago.

"It's not easy to distribute money directly to people," said Lefkofsky. "It's much easier to give money to big organizations."

The VING Project asks teens, between the ages of 14 to 18, to identify an adult in their life who could use financial assistance in a video nomination.

"The person I nominate is my boyfriend's mother," said Ana Linares from Long Beach. "I believe she should get this because she has six kids. She struggles to keep up with rent. She recently got laid off at her job because of the pandemic."

Linares, 17, was selected by VING. She surprised her boyfriend's mother with the $1,000 check.

"I think you should always give because giving is really important," Linares said. "We should all work together and make each other feel safe."

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