Do magnetic eyelashes really work? And are they safe?

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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Do magnetic eyelashes really work?
Watch us try out the magnetic eyelash (and eyeliner) trend!

NEW YORK CITY -- I usually associate magnets with my fridge... not my eyelashes! But this beauty trend finally pulled me in... ha! Get it?

It's no secret that I love the look of false lashes but eyelash extensions can become a costly habit and glue on fake lashes requires a very steady hand and lots of patience (not my strong suit).

So, I figured why not finally give magnetic lashes a try?

Plus - it seemed like a fast way to make myself presentable on video work calls!

After some research, I decided on the Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelash Kit from Essy Naturals because of the strong reviews and fair price point.

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The idea of sandwiching my lashes between two magnet strips didn't exactly appeal to me, so I went the magnetic eyeliner route.

Still wary about the whole process, I consulted an optometrist, Dr. Christine Joy. To my surprise, she wasn't totally against the idea.

"As long as they're not too heavy, I think it's a safer alternative to glue when it comes to fake lashes," said Dr. Joy.

That's because they're made of synthetic iron oxide which has very low magnetic power and no metal properties.

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As with most of my first attempts, the application process wasn't exactly flawless - watch me try contouring - but I couldn't deny my lash game was on point!

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