Teen CEO runs her own vegan makeup brand!

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Friday, September 11, 2020
Teen CEO runs her own vegan makeup brand!
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This teen CEO received a $25,000 donation on the Tamron Hall Show to build her vegan makeup brand!

CYPRESS, Texas -- Many teenagers wish for a car for their 16th birthday, but Nia Phillips' Sweet 16 was hardly typical. For her birthday, she received a business and became a CEO!

After taking business classes at her high school in Katy, Texas, Nia told her mother she wanted to start her own cosmetics line. She was so eager to get started that her mother decided to help her reach her dream. She invested and formed Ni'Abri Beauty as a birthday surprise.

The makeup brand includes lip gloss and matte liquid lipstick, with more products on the way.

"All of my products have a name that goes with a positive characteristic, like modest, compassionate," said Nia. "All of my products are vegan because not only do you have to be kind to people, you have to be kind to animals."

A year after its inception, Ni'Abri Beauty got a big boost, when Nia appeared on the Tamron Hall Show in February. She was granted a $25,000 check through McDonald's 'Black and Positively Golden' campaign to develop her business.

Nia decided to spend a portion of the funds helping three other entrepreneurs start their own businesses, too. For more information, visit niabribeauty.com.

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