Bus driver praises kids' kindness to sick schoolmate

PRINCETON, New Jersey -- Princeton school bus driver Cindy Clausen was so impressed with two of her little passengers she wrote a letter to their parents.

For months she's watched as brother and sister Annaliese and Jorge - we're not using their last names - have gone out of their way to encourage their bus mate, 7-year-old Jaxon Blue, who is suffering from an undiagnosed illness and has trouble walking.

"She just leaned out in the aisle and she cheered him on, she said 'Come on, Jaxon, you can do it!' and I thought 'Oh my God.' It just touched my heart. Her brother walked by the seat and said 'don't worry, I've got Jaxon's backpack' and he picked it up and carried it out for him," Clausen said.

Clausen wrote to their parents, saying "I am compelled to write to tell you how beautiful your children are, inside and out! This can only come from the home, your patience and guidance, the examples you set and teach."

"If you be mean to people they will be sad and cry, and to be happy you have to show happiness in your heart," Annaliese said.

The letter was posted online and is getting thousands of hits. Proud as they are, Annaliese and Jorge's parents want to stay out of the spotlight.

But when Jaxon's mother heard about the kids' kindness she was touched.

"I'm just grateful for those children. I'm grateful Jaxon is surrounded by kids like these," said Jaxon's mother, Belmax DeJesus.

"Jaxon's so happy when he sees them. They made this little bond, they became friends. They would bring him little toys and they would ask to sit with him every day, "DeJesus said. "They made him happy."

Although Jaxon is no longer on this bus - his route was changed - Annaliese and Jorge will still be able to see him. They've set up a play date for this weekend!
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