7 On Your Side delivers a refund for US Postal Service customer

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- Raul Inguanzo protects his home and property in Newark with multiple cameras. Almost a year ago, on October 6th, 2017, when he never received a package which was tracking "delivered" to his address, he went to the videotape.

"She literally throws it there, no note on the door, no ring of the bell, just walks away," he claims, narrating his security video.

The US postal carrier drops off a small box on his front steps, but Raul was surprised by what he saw next. Within a few minutes another carrier picks the package back up.

"He looks down, notices the package, grabs the package," he said.

Postal carrier #2 appears to verify the package address, places a letter in the mailbox, but then tucks the box under their arm and leaves with it.

The box was a gift of aftershave Raul was sending his uncle in Spain for Christmas last year. Over 40 emails later, the mystery is still unsolved.

"They misunderstood. The first person delivered correctly and they took it. Bring it back a week, a month later," says Raul.

Instead Raul says he was roadblocked on a refund even with his videotape as evidence. The USPS investigation kept pointing to its last tracking, which shows the package as "delivered" to the front porch.

So he flagged us and we contacted USPS. Within a week Raul was notified he was getting reimbursed.

"He said he wants to deliver a check directly to me," says Raul, referring to a call he got from a manager at his local USPS branch.

And that USPS supervisor did just that with a postal money order in the exact amount of the lost gift.

"I've been trying for the last 10 months and nothing until you got involved," said Raul. "Thank you very much!"

Here is the full USPS statement from George B. Flood, spokesperson for the US Postal Service, Northeast Area.

"Based on all available facts, investigators advised the addressee that the parcel was reportedly redelivered later the same day after the inexperienced employee realized the mistake. On March 27, investigators spoke to the resident about their findings and requested additional video covering the time immediately after the package was picked-up. The addressee was unable to provide the requested video evidence. The addressee was advised that if he gained any additional information in the future to contact the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General."


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