Man says bear swiped at him while feeding cat in backyard in Pohatcong, New Jersey

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Toni Yates has the latest details.

Police are investigating after a New Jersey man said he came face to face with a bear while feeding his pet outside his home Wednesday.

Around 9:30 a.m., the Pohatcong Township Police Department responded to County Route 627 between Dogwood Drive and Phillips Road where they found a man with minor injuries.

"He said he came out to feed the cats, saw a black bear about 300 pounds, the bear scratched him and ran away," said Chief Jeffrey Greenemeir, Pohatcong Police.

Is that true? So far, the Department of Environmental Protection is saying scratches on the man, are not consistent with what would have happened with a bear. The man's wounds were considered minor, but Eyewitness News is told, he's being treated for other issues and police would not elaborate.

"Right now he's in the hospital, police plan to question him again, once they are allowed access to him by the facility," said James Kern, Mayor of Pohatcong.

"So you're saying even though the wounds are not consistent, you're still assuming a bear scratched him?" Eyewitness News said.

"Yes, that is correct, exactly," Mayor Kern said.

"He did have some injuries; we are just trying to verify the story. I wouldn't call this a bear attack," Chief Greenemeir said.

Even if there was an encounter, the chief says it would be more bear and human startling each other, that's it.

Fish and Wildlife hope to find out if a bear frequents the yard, as they say the man claimed to see if it needs to be moved or if this even happened at all.

"When a lot of our residents are now on edge because there was a bear and it turns out there wasn't, we will act accordingly," Mayor Kern said.

UPDATE: The Pohatcong Township Police Department posted the following update on Facebook Thursday:
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