2 plane emergencies cleared at Philadelphia International Airport

PHILADELPHIA -- Two aircraft emergencies were reported at Philadelphia International Airport within 15 minutes of each other on Friday morning, leading to a temporary ground stop.

In the first one, the FAA says Republic Airlines 4518, bound for Philadelphia, landed right after reporting steering problems.

It happened shortly after 8 a.m.

An Airport spokesperson says the flight landed normally and taxied under its own power.

In the second emergency, which happened minutes later, Twitter user @djrhetorik tweeted he woke up with an oxygen mask hitting him in the face, and he had to pop the emergency exit and evacuate.

He stressed how great the crew was.

54 people were on board that American Eagle jet, Piedmont Airlines Flight 4801, and all were evacuated safely.

The flight was headed to Philadelphia from Richmond when, just prior to landing, the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin.

The plane landed safely at PHL just after 8:15 a.m. There was no word on what caused the smoke.

No injuries were reported, though one person was evaluated by medical personnel and then released.

The two planes landed on separate runways, and a ground stop was issued as both emergencies were unfolding.

You could see the back up on the runway - no planes going in or out.

The ground stop was lifted shortly after 9 a.m., but some delays remained through early afternoon.
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