Dramatic video captures moment car jumps curb in Bronx, crashes into pedestrians

FORDHAM HEIGHTS, Bronx (WABC) -- Four pedestrians were struck when a car careened onto the sidewalk in the Bronx just after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses say it was absolute shock and chaos.

The sidewalk was packed with pedestrians when an out of control car tried to swerve out of the way of a vehicle in the right lane, and ran right up onto the sidewalk into a crowd of people.

Eyewitness News obtained video that shows the crash, but we have to warn you, it is graphic.

The video shows a packed sidewalk around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Bronx.

A mother with her baby in a stroller among the crowd when just seconds later, an out of control Chevy Impala jumps the curb and crashes into four people.

Somehow, everyone survived.

"It was going at least 30, 40 miles an hour to do all that damage," said Carl Nemeth, a witness.

Eyewitnesses described sheer panic after the 26-year-old driver, Jonathan Cavito, lost control on East Fordham Road.

Cell phone video shot by an eyewitness captured the confusion after the crash.

"The driver was just kind of walking around like he was stunned. He didn't really know what was going on," Nemeth said.

The impact knocked a utility box right off its metal brackets, spinning it around.

A garbage can was tossed into this storefront, smashing its window.

At the top of the video, a bystander gets knocked to ground, and then gets right back up.

"Trash everywhere. People laying down bleeding, blood, car on the sidewalk. It was a mess," said Walter Dalton, an eyewitness.

The four pedestrians hit include a 43-year-old woman, a 39-year-old woman, a 19-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man.

Dalton says he usually sits right where that car crashed, but Wednesday he went for a walk; A walk that may have saved his life.

"I would've been hurt. I just thank God for another day," Dalton said.

Three of the victims were rushed to a hospital and are expected to be OK.

Cavito remained at the scene and received a summons for failure to yield to pedestrians.

That fourth victim that got knocked down and then bounced right back up on his feet says he didn't even go to the hospital.

"Lucky for this. This is what saved me. I think it would've done res damage if it wasn't for this," said J.R. Lopez, a crash victim.

He was referring to the utility box! He says he stands on the corner everyday holding a sign.

He says luckily, he was only grazed by the wheel.

"This flew, but that and broke the window. Lady was standing over there. She got hit. Two ladies that was coming up got hit and they put their hands on top of the car, pushed them back. They got hit pretty good," Lopez said.
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