Girl, 12, collapses, dies after a game of tug-of-war at a school

BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Police say a 12-year-old girl collapsed and died after a game of tug-of-war at a school's field day activities.

School nurses performed CPR on the sixth grader until paramedics arrived and took her to an Alabama hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The mother of another girl expressed concerns about the handling of hydration and student safety at the event.

WIAT reports that her daughter heard the girl complain of a headache and dizziness before collapsing.

"She told me that they were only allowed to get water if they went to go to the restroom, otherwise they had to buy the water," parent Amanda Garrett said.

"She said it was like a dollar or a $1.50 a bottle, and I don't feel like that was fair to the children. Now, if they wanted to charge for Gatorade, I could understand that, but the water should have been... the teacher should have been making them drink the water because adults all know how important it is to stay hydrated out in the sun."

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