Homes evacuated after water main break in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE (WABC) -- Crews responded to the scene of a massive water main break that prompted home evacuations on Long Island Monday.

12 houses are without gas, electricity, and water on Monday night.

There is also a massive hole in the street.

"It was like Hurricane Sandy, the water kept coming like a river," said Diane Nystrom, a resident.

Neighbors say they had flashbacks of Superstorm Sandy when roads turned into rivers, followed by boat rescues.

Eric Morales says photos show firefighters helping his wife after she was trapped in their Pearl Street home.

"By the time she was able to get out of here the water was too high. I told her to get in the car and try to leave, but she had to call the fire department because it was too high," Morales said.

A 24-inch water main broke around 4 p.m. Monday, leaving three feet of water in Oceanside, Long Island.

Fire Chief John Madden says his firefighters used an inflatable boat to get nearly two dozen people out of the flooded area.

"We have inflatable boats for when it's not in the canal or anything like that, have inflatable boats for situations like this," Chief Madden said.

Tamer Seoud was surprised to find his car teetering on a gaping hole when he got home from work.

"They told me if no towing company's going to come the next half hour it can actually dip into the hole, and it can be completely damaged," Seoud said.

It took about 45 minutes to cap the main.

Four engines drafted the water out using special hard suction. It was deposited into a creek. null
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