Moonachie, NJ water main break repaired -- but accident almost cancels 2 weddings

MOONACHIE, N.J. (WABC) -- A water main break caused flooding in Moonachie Friday and threatened to cancel two weddings.

Construction crews struck the 12-inch water main at Moonachie Avenue and Moonachie Road just before noon, causing the break. Repairs were completed and water was restored to the neighborhood by Saturday morning.

Video courtesy CliffviewPilot

But the businesses in the area include a banquet hall where two weddings were almost canceled because of the water main break Friday night. The freak construction accident nearly washed away months of wedding planning for two New Jersey couples -- plans saved only by some quick thinking and resourcefulness.

Cell phone video captured the ruptured water line at the entrance of the GrayCliff Banquet Hall in Moonachie where Heidi and James were set to say "I do."

"I think I handled it very well. I didn't even tell him about it. I found out first like around noon," said Heidi, a bride.

A contractor accidentally pierced the 12-inch line just before noon shutting off water to nearly 20 area businesses. With two Halloween weddings hanging in the balance, repair crews quickly worked to fix the leak while firefighters hooked up The GrayCliff's sprinkler system to a nearby hydrant so both ceremonies could go on.

"I didn't find out until the limo pulled in and they said there was an issue with the water. We don't know what happened, but he told me not to worry about it, they'll take care of it," said James, a groom.

"The fire department, the police department, United Water, everybody worked to do their best and everything is possible for these people to have their wedding tonight," said Tony Papamarcos, the owner of The GrayCliff.

Portable bathrooms and a large water tank were also rushed in to help Livia and Collin's nuptials go off without a hitch.

"Something like this, you just got to look at it and say it's beyond out-of-control, it's not worth getting upset over, we're still going to have a good time," said Collin, a groom.

The slight inconvenience didn't seem to spook these Halloween enthusiasts and their guests who seem to love the tricks, treats, and thrills.

"Every wedding has a hiccup and this one is ours," said Livia, a bride.

At this point, it is unknown when the main will be fixed, but the estimate is late overnight into early Saturday.
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