Scores of vehicles egged by vandals in North Brunswick

NORTH BRUNSWICK, New Jersey (WABC) -- A town in New Jersey is under assault. The weapon are eggs. A never-ending supply of them is being thrown by suspects that are targeting cars.

Now officers in the town of North Brunswick are scrambling to find these egg vandals.

"I tried scraping it off," said Akshi Patel, egging victim.

These are not the kind of eggs you want first thing in the morning. For about a week, residents in North Brunswick have been greeted by eggs on their cars. They are caked on, with runny yolks and shells everywhere. There was even a whole egg that landed on the grass.

"I was told not to leave on too long. I don't want to chip the paint. I was told eggs will take the paint off the car," Patel said.

Residents were careful not to scratch their cars while cleaning the mess.

"I was first hit on Thursday. Then every day at the car wash. It was an expensive week for me," said Irene Duryea, egging victim.

Those who live in the Governor's Point and Willowbrook condo developments tell Eyewitness News it's normally quiet there.

But overnight, vandals appear to be going egg-throwing spree, targeting dozens and dozens of parked cars.

They've struck not just once, but repeatedly for almost a week. Police have had a lot of calls about this.

When Patti Vetter called the police

"They told me I'm 72nd phone call. I asked, 'What are you going to do?' Unmarked cars. Watching. What can you do at this point?" said Patti Vetter, egging victim.

"Cars were literally covered. Everybody cleared them off and figured it was over," said Bob Lieb, egging victim. "Then Sunday night we woke up to the same thing all over."

North Brunswick police have appealed on Facebook for the public's help and patience.

There is a camera in a parking lot, but the office was already closed when Eyewitness News arrived.

Alison Hart says she was actually sitting in her car when her vehicle got egged the first time.

"They came in a black Chevy Tahoe I believe," Hart said. "I tried to get the license plate, but I couldn't see the numbers. I do know it was a New York license plate."

"They start with egg. Not sure what happens next," said Abir Pretty, egging victim.

It's not clear how the vandals are getting their hands on so many eggs. Victims are hoping the pranksters the get caught before the attacks get worse.
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