Stray bullet hits home after shots fired at apartment complex in Larchmont

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Marcus Solis reports from Larchmont, where a stray bullet went through the wall of a home.

A mother in Westchester County shared a frightening story of a stray bullet that came flying through the wall of her family's home.

The family is understandably shaken up, but fortunately no one was hit and now police are searching for the gunman.

The shots were fired outside an apartment building in Larchmont and that bullet hit the nearby family's home.

The path the bullet took is plain to see, there's a hole in the siding outside of the home, and inside there's a hole in the sheetrock. Just a few feet away, there is the shattered glass of a liquor cabinet where the slug came to rest.

It was unnerving to say the least for the homeowner who doesn't want to be identified.

"We were very scared, we ran around the house to see what happened. But, we were afraid to look through the windows because you never know what is happening outside," she said.

It turns out what was happening outside were several shots fired. It was around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday when Town of Mamaroneck police responded to 911 calls from the Carlton House, a luxury building on North Chatsworth Avenue in Larchmont. The sound of gunfire drew the attention of residents.

"I was working on my computer and I heard shots, and I'm in the corner apartment there on the fourth floor, so I looked out the window and I saw two men running, got into a car and sped off and turned right on Jefferson," said Carol Coleman, a resident.

It's unclear who or what was being targeted, but police found a parked car with multiple bullet holes.

The bullet that ended up in the house was likely a stray shot.

Wednesday, police patrols were in and around Carlton House as police look for the suspects and try to calm jittery residents.

"It was startling, I've never heard bullet shots before, so I wasn't sure that's what I was hearing, but I thought that must be what it is," said Clayton Miller, a resident.

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