Chicago comfort dogs head to Orlando

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Monday, June 13, 2016
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One Chicago group is sending help to Orlando.

CHICAGO -- One Chicago group is sending help to Orlando, with comfort dogs that flew out of O'Hare Monday morning.

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In moments of disaster, the comfort dogs provide healing to victims that need it most.

The first team of comfort dogs are now on their way to Orlando.

The dogs were asked to come down to Orlando and work through a local Lutheran church that has an outreach program for the LGBT community.

The team, which also includes 19 people traveling with the 12 comfort dogs, will also be working in local hospitals with the injured victims and the first responders.

"With 50 dead and a number in the hospital and the first responders and all that, we'll have plenty of work to do. I'm sure there's a lot of shook up people down there," said Tim Hetzner, president.

The crew plans to stay down in Florida until next Monday.