Woman and dog ambushed by pack of coyotes in Saddle River

SADDLE RIVER, New Jersey (WABC) -- Along a picturesque winding road in Saddle River, New Jersey, you'll likely find an array of wildlife, but police are now warning neighbors about an aggressive predator.

"I was really scared," said Maryam Raksham, coyote ambush victim.

Raksham was walking her 8-year-old dog Beju along Oak Road Thursday morning when they were ambushed by five coyotes in the middle of the road.

"They saw him, they were hiding behind the bushes so as soon as I walk in, they jump out and they look at him, show the teeth, and he is barking at them," Raksham said.

Luckily, an SUV passing by began honking and scared off the pack before they could inch any closer to the vulnerable pair.

She ran home and immediately called police and warned neighbors about what happened.

"It's been a while since we've had any real problem with coyotes," said Captain Jason Cosgriff, Saddle River Police. "We do have a lot of reports of coyote sightings coyotes in people's yards but nothing in an aggressive nature."

"They keep breeding and there's like seven to eight of them behind my house they're hunting every night making really loud noises," a resident said.

"They're attacking us because they feel very comfortable in the neighborhood, they're hunting and that's pretty scary," another resident said.

Saddle River Police say coyotes aren't an unfamiliar sight in the area, but reports of their recent aggression has them now encouraging people to be aware and not leave their pets outside alone. They're also recommending people use an air horn or walking stick outdoors.

"We recommend that joggers, walkers, and dog walkers carry those compressed air horns," Captain Cosgriff said.

"They're everywhere, you see them all over, they're crossing right here by my driveway," another person said.

"It was real scary, I was having a nightmare," Raksham said.
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