Reports of dead geese in New Rochelle lead to investigations

After an SPCA chapter reported that four Canada Geese were found decapitated Thursday afternoon in New Rochelle, the city is clarifying that only one animal was found and apparently was killed by another animal.

On Thursday, the Westchester SPCA and New Rochelle police were investigating.

"This is a horrific crime and those who did it must be caught. In addition, Canada Geese are protected under Federal law, so the penalty will be severe," said Kiley Blackman, founder of Westchester 4 Geese.

A statement from the city of New Rochelle, however, said only one goose had been found.

"A Parks and Recreation crew completing a trail restoration came upon one dead Canada goose near the main causeway," said an emailed statement from the city.

It said that the dead goose had teeth marks and appeared to have been killed by another animal. "There was no evidence of multiple dead and decapitated geese," it said.

"A subsequent investigation by NRPD likewise found no further evidence as well. The cell phone photo provided to NRPD by the citizen reporting the incident only showed one goose."
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