Pesky roosters raising eyebrows, and concerns, around Plainview

PLAINVIEW, New York (WABC) -- Roosters might be a common sight rural areas and farms, but their presence in one Long Island town is raising more than eyebrows.

"Every morning, 5 o'clock in the morning, they're crowing," area resident April Schreier said.

"I enjoy them," another resident added. "It makes you feel like you live on a farm again."

But this isn't a farm, it's Plainvew. And many are afraid of getting pecked.

Still, the roosters don't seem to mind humans too much. But that doesn't mean they're always welcome.

People say the roosters have been living for years in a storm water drain basin along Woodbury Road and that some workers from a local car wash would feed them. They were apparently told to stop, so the roosters had to find another place to roost.

The town of Oyster Bay says they can't pick up the roosters because they don't have an Animal Control department, and they've told people to call wildlife rescue groups or local farms. But their presence raises some concerns.

"They're leaving droppings all over," Fredda Klenosky said. "And we don't know what they carry as far as disease goes."

The other worry is for the roosters themselves.

"I'm just afraid they're going to get hit by a car," Schreier said.

So if you're driving around Plainview, make sure to keep an eye low to the road.
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