Woman's sit-in helps dog find a 'forever' home

PHOENIX, Arizona -- One woman's devotion to a lifelong shelter dog has led to that dog finally finding a "forever" home.

Whitney Steele, of Phoenix's Arizona Animal Welfare League, crafted a clever plot get "Lana" the dog a new home.

Lana was the longest shelter resident and didn't have any prospects, so Whitney staged a sit-in and shared her experience on social media.

Whitney held meetings, ate, and slept in the cage. She only got out of the cage when Lana did.

Whitney explained, "She gets taken out for a potty break - (that's) when I can actually get out of the kennel to stretch my legs."

After 26 hours of snuggling and solidarity, Whitney's incredible act of devotion finally paid off.

After learning about the sit-in from a friend, Barb Kerstetter went straight to the shelter.

Barb said, "The minute I saw Lana I knew I was taking her. There was no doubt. I wanted her to be a part of my family."
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