Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi host rally to urge defeat New York's GOP congress

MIDTOWN, Manhattan -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi say New York's eight Republican members of Congress must be defeated in 2018.

Pelosi and the Democratic governor told hundreds of union members at a Manhattan rally Tuesday that New Yorkers can play a key role in returning the House of Representatives to Democratic control.

Cuomo said New York's Republican Congress members don't represent the state's interests. He called them "political pawns of the ultra-conservative puppet masters in Washington."

While it's not uncommon for Democrats to criticize Republicans, Cuomo's remarks come amid speculation that he may seek the White House in 2020.

State Republican Chairman Ed Cox, who's a son-in-law of former President Richard Nixon, says Cuomo only cares about his national ambitions.

Cuomo says he'll seek a third term.
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