M15 select buses in NYC using cameras to catch bus lane offenders

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- If you're caught blocking some bus lanes in Manhattan, you'll soon have to pay up.

The MTA's fleet of M15 Select Bus Service vehicles are getting equipped with bus-mounted cameras, and drivers who are in the way and caught breaking the rules will get hit with fines.

This is an expansion of a program already in place on a few other lines. The cameras capture your license plate number, and fines are sent in the mail.

The MTA is getting the word out about this on social media, with a video showing a city bus snapping a photo and appearing to vaporize cars in its path.

Jokes aside, this is a serious push to speed up one of the city's slowest bus routes with cameras that take video and pictures of offending vehicles.

The M15 averages just 4.8 miles an hour, barely faster than a brisk walking pace.

On Monday, they're also expanding the camera system to the Q58 bus along Fresh Pond Road in Queens.

The bus mounted automatic cameras will collect evidence and send a fine, but not right away. There's a 60-day grace period.

Once that ends, the first fine is $50, escalating to $250 for repeat offenses.

The MTA says cars legally making turns in the bus lane won't get a ticket.

Next month, the cameras expand to the M14 and the B44 in Brooklyn.

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