She Works providing unique office space designed with women in mind

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
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Lauren Glassberg has the story of She Works Collective, a work space for women.

UNION SQUARE, Manhattan (WABC) -- A new and unique office space was designed with women in mind.

With three kids 8 and under and two businesses, an event production company and a line of specialty jams, working from home isn't an option for Bethney Ruggiero.

So when she needs to buckle down, she comes to She Works.

"It's a great opportunity to have a beautiful space in the city to come to meet with clients and get my work done," she said. "It's beautiful, quiet, centrally located."

She Works Collective is in Union Square and you'll notice, everyone there is female.

"We opened up to give women who otherwise work from their homes an opportunity to get out of their homes, away from distractions and come to a place to get work done," said founder Joanna Black.

Of course work can be done in any co-working space. So many of them now exist in the city.

But Joanna thought about what she wanted when she created this serene space a year ago.

"When you open it up everyone has their own personality within the desk," she said.

More than personalized workspaces, a conference room and lactation room, there's a community here -- women going through similar experiences who often tap into each other's expertise.

"It can be something simple, you're dealing with a client and somebody else here might have a suggestion on how you can work with that client better or contracts, how to negotiate a contract or how to understand your worth as well," said Joanna.

The rates are comparable to other co-working spaces or less: $498 for a dedicated desk every month or a flex desk 20 hours a month for $150.

Joanna also offers programming and events specific to women to help empower them, but that doesn't mean men are banned.

"If a man really wanted to join here we wouldn't say no," she said.

But it's the sisterhood of She Works that attracts the women here.

"I also love the fact that some of these ladies are on a second career or they're experimenting with starting a business and that's very similar to where I am in my life and I just like that vibe here," said Bethney.