Westchester County mom's 3 ways to attack slime residue

WHITE PLAINS, Westchester County (WABC) -- Kids are home during these final days of summer mixing up buckets of slime and sticking their goop covered little fingers all over the house.

The science of making slime is so hot right now, the hashtag, #slime, has 9.6 million posts on Instagram and if you search slime on YouTube, you can find millions of videos about how to make the squishiest, shiniest and even stickiest stuff possible.

Whether it is fluffy slime, clear slime or cloud slime, moms across the nation, including Christa Mruz of White Plains, are constantly picking the gunky residue out of carpet, off counter tops, light switches and of course clothes.

Luckily, Christa, a mother of two, knows a few secrets. "Kids are always excited to make slime, but they are not too energetic about cleaning up the mess they create while doing it," said the Two Maids & A Mop local operator. "I encounter the aftermath a lot, so I've come up with a few special formulas to get the goopy residue out of carpet, clothes and furniture."

SECRET TO GET SLIME OUT OF CARPET: warm water + vinegar
- Remove any excess slime you can pull away
- Soak the area with white vinegar + warm water for about five minutes, but don't let the vinegar totally evaporate
- Loosen with a soft bristle brush
- Pat and dry the area with a paper towel, no scrubbing!
- Allow to dry, then vacuum area to remove any leftover slime residue

- Remove as much slime from the piece of clothing as possible
- Use ice cube to "freeze" off what is left on fabric
- Scrap off any remaining slim, if possible
- Dab a little laundry detergent into the stains, it can sit for about 10 minutes
- Put stained clothing in a large dishpan with about 2 gallons of hot water, let soak for a half hour
- Put clothing in washing machine then air dry


- Don't try to press down to scrub slime off your furniture
- Do blot it with a damp cloth. You want to lift the stain out of the fabric, not cram it into the fabric.
- Don't use hot or cold tap water
- Do use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits

Christa says she will expect to face more slime disaster at work and at home for a while.

Her 10-year-old is obsessed with making slime.

"We've tried many recipes, finally we've found one that works!" she says. "I'm also glad I've figured out the best way to clean it up when I found it in random spots in my house."

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