A girl who was supposed to be born dead inspires with her incredible voice

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Young Audrey Rose Walker wasn't supposed to be born alive according to doctors but instead inspires thousands with her singing. (KGO)

"We were told she was going to be born dead."

That is what Jim Walker and his wife were told after an ultrasound revealed that the child they were expecting had a rare heart condition that would prevent her from living.

Against all odds Audrey Rose Walker was born, but with a severe heart disease and Bilateral Anophthalmia (the absence of eyeballs). After undergoing three open-heart surgeries, Audrey was medically cleared.

Soon after the Walkers noticed that their baby girl took a liking to singing and within a short period of time she started singing the national anthem at events.

In 2016 Audrey was even invited to sing the national anthem at a San Francisco 49ers game, where she belted a rendition that got everyone the stadium cheering and even had her father crying tears of joy.
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