Son buys house for 'angry grandpa' in touching video

He's gained viral fame for his angry and hilarious reactions to his son's pranks. But now, the man known as "angry grandpa" has shown his softer side after being surprised with a brand new home.

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Charles Green has been the subject of dozens of pranks by his son Michael, better known as "Pickleboy," in the videos on the "TheAngryGrandpaShow" YouTube channel. Since 2010, Charles' angry reactions to his son's shenanigans have racked up millions of views, making the Charleston, S.C., resident the most famous angry curmudgeon on the web.

In a new video uploaded last week, Charles tours a home with Michael, thinking he's helping his son look for a new home.

"This is really a nice house," Green says in the video. "[You all] would be happy here."

But then Michael reveals a key and tell his dad that the house is for the elder Green. Charles quickly is overcome with emotion, having to remove his glasses to wipe his tears, before sharing a touching embrace with his son.

"I love you more than life itself," Charles says while his Michael embraces him.

Michael told ABC in an email that he had signed the papers for the home just an hour before giving it to his father, and knew that this home would be a great fit for his dad.

"He's always expressed he wanted a place in some land, but more recently I noticed he was making the trailer he had 'home,'" Michael told ABC. "I didn't like him accepting this as his residence."

The video has received nearly 3 million views on YouTube, with many commenters praising Michael's gesture while sharing messages of how they were touched to see a new softer side of "angry grandpa."

"I've watched the Angry Grandpa videos before and thought they looked like a strange, angry family but I dare you to watch this video without it bringing a tear to your eye," commented one YouTube user.

"Pickleboy has gotten much more respect from me now. This is now your most beautiful video in my opinion," commented another.

Michael says that he was shocked by the public's reaction to the video, but expects his YouTube channel to revert back to its angrier tone again by August.
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