Scott Van Pelt's 'Winners' for Week 14, Army-Navy: Don't give up on the Bills

ByScott Van Pelt ESPN logo
Friday, December 8, 2023

3-3 last week, our producer tried to talk me out of this segment this week..."you could just wait for the bowls." Could I though? COULD I????? I could not, and would not. Can't claim to be unflappable and just punt because the picks are like a poop on the stove... stinking up the houses.

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Saturday's pick

Van Pelt's pick:Navy +3

GPG game worked last week, didn't it? So, we still have that. General Principle Game in Army/Navy... back the 'dog blind. Under was on a heater forever. This total is in Iowa territory -- upper 20's -- so we leave it alone. Anchors aweigh.

SVP:3-3 all-time when picking the Army-Navy game

Sunday's picks

Van Pelt's pick: Jets +3.5

Jets catching three and the hook from the Texans. Weather? Iffy. Defense to keep 'em in it. I don't know if gross-and-close is a mantra anyone WANTS -- but it applies to the Jets this year.

SVP: 0-1 all-time when picking the Jets (missed by a half-point against Texans in 2018)

Van Pelt's pick:Bears +3.5

We are on the Bears at home against the Lions. They should have won in Detroit, but it slipped through their fingers. Home team to battle in this one as well.

SVP: 3-4 all-time when picking the Bears

Van Pelt's pick:Bills +1.5

This one is tricky because the Chiefs limp in off a loss. They are going to light someone up one of these weeks, but I just can't quit Buffalo. Can't do it. I don't know if they are going to win one of these wild back-and-forth games. But I am going to keep backing them like they are going to.

SVP: 2-7 all-time when picking the Bills; 8-4 when picking against the Chiefs

Can't punt on Winners. Ever. I'm here for you -- if for no other reason than to fade the bald guy.

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