New locking mechanism creates phone-free environment at shows

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A new technology has found favor with stars who are sick of looking into the crowd and seeing a sea of cell phones and other devices.

At concerts nowadays, you'll see dozens of people taping the show. But one patron got so upset, he decided to create a technology that allows fans to "live in the moment."

The king of comedy, Dave Chappelle, doesn't appreciate videos of his acts showing up online. To ensure his fans don't use their phones to tape him, the comedian is using a technology made by a company called Yondr.

"You allow people to keep possession of their phones, but you create an entirely phone-free environment," CEO Graham Dugoni said.

Dugoni made a phone case that locks, while the phone inside remains fully operational. The case operates as a mechanism that locks once an audience member enters the phone-free area of the show.

"If an emergency happens, the cases do not block your signal," he said. "So you can still feel the phone vibrate, and you can go to the lobby and unlock it at any time."

Dugoni says they even offer three different sizes, and a case for every phone on the market.

Artist such as Alicia Keys have used Yondr, and Guns and Roses decided to use it for a one-night reunion concert.

It even came in handy for Chris Rock at a small club just before hosting the big Oscar show last year.

"He was working on material for the Oscars," Dugoni said. "There is only one way to make sure that doesn't get out before the Oscars. So they used Yondr to protect content in that situation."

Smart phones have become such a big part of our lives that it doesn't feel normal to be in a phone-free environment, yet fans at the Chappelle show were willing to abide by his wishes.

"Yeah, I respect it," one attendee said. "I come to see him. I don't come to record it or anything."

And some think the sleeve just looks cool. null
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