At $1,115 average, World Series ticket prices and demand breaking records for Mets/Royals match-up

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Tickets for the first the few games between the Mets and Royals are the highest priced and the highest in demand of any World Series, a ticket-selling website said.

Stubhub, which operates a site where fans can buy and sell tickets, said tickets are averaging more than $700 for the games in Kansas City, and more than $1,100 for the games in New York City.

Here's a breakdown of the cheapest tickets listed and average ticket price sold for each game:

Game 1 (at Kansas City)
Cheapest: $308
Average: $723

Game 2 (at Kansas City)
Cheapest: $300
Average: $749

Game 3 (at New York)
Cheapest: $509
Average: $1,115

Game 4 (at New York)
Cheapest: $500
Average: $1,077

So how do the prices compare with last year's World Series? Stubhub said Game 1 in Kansas City had an average ticket price of $840, and games 3 and 4 in San Francisco had average ticket prices of $820 and $927.

Stubhub said prices typically drop when it gets closer to a game, as sellers are looking to unload their tickets. It's all fluid, and depends on how the series is going.

"We're seeing incredible demand for games 3 and 4 in New York so far so the prices have been rising. It should depend on how the series plays out. If somehow the Mets are looking to clinch the series by game 4, expect that price to rise considerably," said a spokesman for Stubhub.

One thing to note about Stubhub is that the site is partnered with the Mets, so ticket listings are removed two hours before each New York home game. So if you're looking to score cheap after-the-first-pitch tickets, you'll need to find tickets elsewhere.

Stubhub provided us with average ticket prices for the last two World Series:

2013 World Series
Cardinals/Red Sox Game 1: $611
Cardinals/Red Sox Game 2: $771
Red Sox/Cardinals Game 3: $734
Red Sox/Cardinals Game 4: $668
Red Sox/Cardinals Game 5: $545
Cardinals/Red Sox Game 6: $1,169

2014 World Series
Giants/Royals Game 1: $840
Giants/Royals Game 2: $754
Royals/Giants Game 3: $820
Royals/Giants Game 4: $927
Royals/Giants Game 5: $820
Giants/Royals Game 6: $602
Giants/Royals Game 7: $882

What do you think about the ticket prices? Are you willing to pay that much to see the Mets? Tell us in the comment section below.
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