College students team up for touching thank you to professor in viral Zoom surprise

SAN FRANCISCO -- Virtual classes have been hard for both students and teachers this year, some who haven't even been able to meet each other in person yet. To try and show their true gratitude, some college classes have created the perfect way to say thanks to their educators.

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During their final classes of the semester, students have been starting class with their cameras all turned off.

When they turn their camera on, they each hold up signs with personalized messages of appreciation as a surprise to their professors for all the work they've done this year.


It threw one professor for a loop when his students at Chapman University in Ahaheim tried it.

"Is it my fault you have the camera off?" said Doctor James Brown, professor of the college's First Year Foundations course. Later he realized what the students were doing.

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"Oh you guys. You're going to make me cry," replied Dr. Brown.

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